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AIRPORT RETAIL SECTOR (C.S.A)-CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT As a sales assistant, you'll be responsible for dealing with customers, answering queries, selling goods, handling payments and making sure that the goods are attractively displayed. In specialist stores, for example a sports goods or computer store, you may need a level of specialist product knowledge.
At manager level, you'll be responsible for running the outlet, which could be anything from a large supermarket to a small independent shop. It could also be just one section or the entire store. Your day-to-day work will include:
Managing and motivating staff
Making sure that your store meets sales targets
Running promotions
Managing stock levels
Analysing sales figures
Forecasting future sales
Dealing with takings

Apart from these specific tasks, you will be expected to continually look for ways to increase sales and improve efficiency and customer service, as well as monitoring competitors and training staff.
In smaller shops, say a local convenience store, your day-to-day jobs will be more varied than a large High Street outlet, and may include everything from designing window displays to receiving deliveries from suppliers.